Model Wall

Minimal design
for your wall

A handy, smart and stylish charging solution with the ambience of your home.
The power of the Wall
Always a full battery

Take to the road without a care. Charge up your electric car quickly and safely at home and leave with a full battery every morning.

Compatible with any brand of car

Blitz Power draws no distinction. Your wall box will work with any hybrid and electric car with a type 2 charging cable.

Handy cable-holder

Never lose the cable again. Roll up your charging cable quickly and easily and store it neatly in the cable-holder.

Blitz Power Station is a state-of-the-art charging station that excels in function and design
smart, flexible and safe charging
Charging pass for access control

Securing your wall box? You can determine for yourself who can charge with your charging pass. That way, no-one can sneakily steal your power.

Manage and optimise your charging sessions

Keep an overview at all times. Monitor your charging sessions, charge more efficiently and let your employer know the charging costs using split billing if desired.

Customisable With all the RAL Colours

Your wall box is available in any RAL colour you like. That way, you can adapt the design perfectly to the style and ambience of your home.

What makes Blitz Power
truly unique?

Home, company, car park

Robust aluminium design

Snug to the wall

Cable or plug

Our models

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