Blitz Power Station

Model Push

Only when you really need it

Only when you really need it

Model Push is in full development.
Its release is expected in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

The power of the Push
In line with your home

Model Push is a true master in disguise. Choose a hue from our RAL colours that fits your home and have the Blitz Power Station blend into your façade.

Smooth to use, strong refinement

Thanks to the use of strong springs and pumps in combination with a high-quality rail system, this model feels smooth to use time and time again.

Dimmable LED Blitz logo as a subtle touch

The icing on the cake is adding a dimmable LED Blitz logo to your station. As a subtle detail to your home or as a point to recognise in the dark, you choose the power of the LED light.

Blitz Power Station is a state-of-the-art charging station that excels in function and design
Electrifying Efficiency
Smart Charging
Smart energy management

Link energy meters or solar panels to your Blitz Power Station so that your cars are charged in the most economical and green way at any time.

Dynamic load management

Charge smart and safe by linking your charging station to the power supply, preventing power outages and will also save you costs by charging slower during peak times.

Capacity charge in Belgium

With the Blitz charging station you can save costs by charging more slowly at peak times, but with our charging stations you can go even further, extensive integrations are possible with which you can also link, for example, the heat pump and other large consumers so that all devices together provide optimal energy management.

Smart integrations

The Blitz charging station can be easily integrated into energy management systems or home automation via API technology. In this way, you regulate your consumption optimally. For example, you can adjust the charging station to your solar panels. But also other large consumers can be taken into account to optimize your consumption and save costs.

There are many tools that can help you save costs, read our blogs on the news page.

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