Blitz Power Station

Model Tower

Put it wherever you like.
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Easily build up a uniform charging fleet that's a perfect fit for your needs.
The power of the Tower
Free and flexible fitting

The Tower has been specially designed for your company site or public car park.
You decide for yourself on the number of charging points and build your infrastructure exactly as you like it.

Different height options

Choose from two sizes. A shorter model that looks a bit more compact. Or a taller variant with an even slimmer design.

Uniformity guaranteed

Your charging points have no front or rear side. Both sides have a uniform appearance on your car park, with the option of putting the logo on both sides.

Blitz Power Station is a state-of-the-art charging station that excels in function and design.
smart, flexible and safe charging
Charging pass for access control

Securing your charging fleet? You can determine for yourself who will charge at what tariff through the user interface. That means the power is always in your hands.

Open Charge Point Protocol

The Tower is compatible with any software system. Thanks to this open network, you can easily alter or extent the software infrastructure at any time.

Customisable With all the RAL Colours

Extend your corporate identity into your charging fleet. Choose from any possible RAL colour or even have stickers with your logo put on them and personalise your car park in line with your house style.

What makes Blitz Power
truly unique?

Ideal for companies or public car parks

Robust aluminium design

Put it wherever you like

Cable or plug

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